Friday, September 2, 2016

Accentuating the Positive by Dr. Tony Alessandra

It's been estimated that we each have upwards of 50,000 thoughts per day. How many of yours are negative? Sometimes you have to do a mental spring cleaning to get rid of those negative ones that have become ingrained attitudes. Stopping self-destructive thoughts is like stopping any other bad habit—it takes time and effort.
Among the most effective ways to do this are visualization and affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements about yourself that you repeat over and over in your head until they're programmed into your subconscious.
Visualization, or "imagineering" as Walt Disney called it, is mentally picturing yourself the way you want to be. You've heard the old saying "I'll believe it when I see it"? Well, the reverse is also true: "I'll see it when I believe it!" Affirmations and visualizations may not feel true at first. They may not even be true! But they can become so.
Consider what happens when you tell yourself over and over, "I'm lousy at remembering names." There will never be any improvement there. So if you catch yourself saying, "I'm terrible at remembering names," stop and immediately say to yourself, "I'm good at remembering names."
Or consider the effect of telling yourself, "I'm feeling pretty good today." Or "I can lose ten pounds." Or "I am good at getting people to see things my way." Anything you say to yourself over and over will actually influence your reality.
Writing down your affirmations in some handy place-above your desk, on your bathroom mirror, on the dashboard of your car-will help keep them in mind as well as in sight. Use affirmations and visualizations to project what success will feel like and look like. Imagine, in as much detail as you possibly can, how you feel as the boss singles you out for exceeding your quota, or how the audience hangs on your every word during your speech, or how your confident presence causes heads to turn everywhere you go.

-- Dr. Tony Alessandra
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Where are you, in life, today?

Apart from unforeseen events like natural and some man made disasters which contribute in setting people back in life; where we are , in our lives today, is often a consequence of the choices we made and failed to make.
Doing what needs to be done at the right time saves a lot of energy and guilt. Imagine, the rot we allow ourselves to get into, as many months and years go by, when we often know the right thing to do but fail to do it.
Bouncing back to regain these lost  opportunities is often a mirage. Most of the things we need to do, in order to become successful are within our reach, but we allow neglect or procrastination to creep in, stealing our life's goodies.
According to, Jim Rohn, one of the greatest life coaches that lived, "not doing the things we know we should do causes us to feel guilty and guilt leads to an erosion of self-confidence. As our self-confidence diminishes, so does the level of our activity. And as our activity diminishes, our results inevitably decline. And as our results suffer, our attitude begins to weaken. And as our attitude begins the slow shift from positive to negative, our self-confidence diminishes even more... and on and on it goes."

Make a decision today. Would you keep neglecting to do what is needful? Or, do you want to be where you ought to be in life, because, you have done the needful? The choice is yours, to make.
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