Friday, February 5, 2010

The Unseen Powers.

We have been inundated with various messages coming from various religious groups about a super natural being.Think about it; did we just bump into this world? Could it be that our existence was just an accident?

Well, coming into this world in the first place was beyond our making. Out of several million sperms in the semen that led to your birth, it was only one sperm that fertilized(united with)the ovum. The union grew in leaps and bounds and after 9 months, it was you. It could have been another sperm instead of the one that brought about you. Well, here you are reading this, you absolutely had no hand in the process!

Many great scientists described that there were in (what looked like) a trance when the ideas that brought about their scientific breakthrough came to them.Some others were sleeping and they dreamt about it. To others it just came unexpectedly in the course of their work while others got theirs from daily observations.These men had been putting efforts and were expectant of good results.

There is power in our words, there is power in our thoughts, there is power in liberty and like wise there is power in faith.Then there is a power above every other power. It is that ultimate power that controls every other power.

We have virtues and we have vices. The powers beyond the physical govern them all. However, as we seek to change the world for good-the power that will make us inspire and be role models to many; the power that will enable us to give a helping hand to our fellow mankind; the power that will enable get to pinnacle of our careers; the power that syncs with the good is that which we seek.

We can tap into it. We can get beyond the physical and connect to that power. When we shut ourselves from all around us and seek for the way-considering your pursuit. You will receive answers. That power will add to all the efforts you make and take you to the top of your game.

As for me, I get on my knees and pray to Christ my saviour. He knows my weaknesses. He knows my fears, He knows my capabilities.

Sunset painting by Erendira Figueroa

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