Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happiness is a responsibility

Happiness is not just a feeing, it is a choice we have to make for our own good and the good of others. It is a responsibility.

Whenever you come accross someone that hurt you in the past or you never liked your mood changes. It means that person can take away your happiness and can go as far as spoiling your day. You are only happy when you meet a certain person or find yourself in a particular place. Thus, that person or place is responsible for your happiness.

You should be responsible for your happiness and it comes from within. Make up your mind to be happy. Life is easier that way. Yes! some things can make us angry or aggitated but the person who has adopted a happy lifestyle handles such situations better.

As a follow up to my artice 'Choose to be Happy.' I have decided to bring to you these wise words on happiness from the master, Jim Rohn;

According to Jim Rohn:
No one else "makes us angry." We make ourselves angry when we surrender control of our attitude. What someone else may have done is irrelevant. We choose, not they. They merely put our attitude to a test. If we select a volatile attitude by becoming hostile,angry, jealous or suspicious, then we have failed the test. If we condemn ourselves by believing that we are unworthy, then again, we have failed the test.

If we care at all about ourselves, then we must accept full responsibility for our own feelings. We must learn to guard against those feelings that have the capacity to lead our attitude down the wrong path and to strengthen those feelings that can lead us confidently into a better future

Below are steps you can take to live a happy lifestyle by Brian Tracy;

Action Exercises

Here are three steps you can take immediately to put these ideas into action.

First, accept that you deserve all the joy and happiness you can possibly achieve through your own efforts.

Second, make your own happiness the chief organizing principle of your life and judge everything against that standard. Follow your inner guiding light.

Third, be willing to work hard and pay the price for the satisfaction and rewards you desire. Always go the extra mile and your success will be assured.

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