Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Put Your Free Time to Productive Use

It is one of those days at work where you have less work to do. You smile and recline on your chair. It is time for office gossip. And the gist begins-from petty talk about your colleague who is not on seat to the wedding you attended last weekend to the new babe in town. You keep talking and the clock keeps ticking. It feels good, there is no pressure. Then you switch over to internet chat…

The next day you come to work; official phone calls, clients need your assistance, your boss keeps urging you to finish the tasks assigned to you long ago. You remember the other things you still had to do that day. Just like most days, it is a hectic day. You hate your work!

We all love some free time, be it at work or at home; when there are no tasks that need urgent attention, when we are at the motor park, train station or airport waiting for our turn to move, when we are done with home keeping. When the lecturer does not show up for the day’s lecture… There are loads of ways that free time comes up.

It would pay us if we use this free time to our advantage. When you are at the airport or station, when you are waiting for something, think about what you can do or what you can take with you so that you can use your time more effectively. For instance, you can be checking through the report that you have to present at tomorrow’s meeting.

It is a good time to do some creative day dreaming which could help you tackle some problems. You can use it to do some deep thinking with a pen and paper in your hand-where you list out and weigh various options. On the other hand you can use it to read a good book, plan for tomorrow or the week ahead.

You could face some lingering task that do not need immediate attention and make some progress on it. It could just be a good time to shut out your mind from the world and do some meditation. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it is to your own advantage and do not loose sight of when the train moves or the next task!

And if you are sure all your jobs have been completed to your satisfaction, then enjoy your well earned time. Avoid spending such time complaining or worrying over an issue because it is a good time to recharge your batteries for the next task. Of course, you need to stay right on op of our game!

Picture, courtesy:Flickr.com

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