Monday, November 7, 2011

Let Your Words Bless..

Dirty words are common these days. Some people say it out of frustration or uncertainty. While others are complacent about the effects of the words they have just spoken out of anger, envy and jealousy to others. In some instances it has become some people's lifestyle. But the benefits unto us and to others when we allow our words to 'bless' are so numerous.

To 'bless' someone means to better the person's lot. Bringing peace to another person's life is a blessing. Inspiring someone, bringing healing, good cheer and positive transformation to others are all ways of blessing others. In fact if your words leave someone better than you met him, you have served as a blessing. defines to 'bless' as 'to bestow good of any kind upon'.

While the word 'bless' may be better known as offering a prayer for divine favour or to sanctify; what matters is the after effect, which is always good. Perhaps using the word 'uplift,' may grammatically better suit this context because according to, to 'uplift,'means to improve socially, culturally, morally, or the like.

These days, the word 'bless' is increasing used. It is not unusual to hear someone say in appreciation, 'You have been a blessing to us!' Yes! People could say that to you just because of the way you spoke to them.

Think about how good you feel when someone says something nice to you. Your body system is refreshed, good cheer is brought into your life and you feel a kind of deep admiration or love for the person. Such a good feeling pays in many ways. At that moment you rarely think of your problems. You feel joy and appreciation.

What about when you positively touch someone with your words? You love it when the beneficiary showers you with words of appreciation. Sometimes they pray for you in gratitude. You feel good that you have just been of value to someone. Just like after you give someone a gift, you find inner peace when you do it cheerfully. 'Those who let the light shine in the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.'

It is just the opposite when you condemn and criticize someone in anger.Abusive or curse words are the high points of it.
Likewise, when you rant out of frustration or speak to someone disrespectfully out of your selfishness.
When you regain your tranquility after letting out such words and discover you got it wrong somewhere, you start regretting. It could get to the extent of you finding ways to apologize to those that bore the brunt of your verbal attack. It was as if you splashed mud on them and you feel terrible to have done so.

Words are so powerful. An encouraging word can go a long way in improving someone's life. There are people you can never forget in your life; not because you have their phone numbers or pictures, but because they sowed a seed in your life with their words. They inspired you. Their words echo in your subconsciousness from time to time. It is not surprising that the great Mother Teresa said, "Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless."

Encourage someone putting in so much time and resources in a worthy project. Motivate an ambitious child with inspirational words. Let your words soothe a sick fellow. Remind a friend facing a challenge that he or she is not finished because there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Tell your spouse you love him or her... The list is endless. You never know that there are several people out there longing to hear your words of approval.

Better someone's life today. Let your words bless..
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