Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Our Thoughts are Powerful

Determine from the moment you stop reading this to fill your mind only with positive and happy thoughts. Do it in such a way that whenever a negative limiting thought creeps into your mind, you fight it and replace it with positive and reassuring thoughts. Get back to this blog after about three hours and drop your feedback.

Our thoughts affects us in many ways. They affect our emotional state and also determine what we do or say to people. A life of constant gratitude generates positive thoughts. If we constantly worry about our past or a future event that has not even occurred then we have negative thoughts.

Positive thoughts refreshes the body and create healing. It produces joy in our lives. Positive thoughts reduce stress in our lives.

Thoughts affect our heart rate. When you are afraid or embarrassed, it shows on your face. Likewise when you are joyful, your face glows. It shows that our mind and body are interconnected.

Because our thoughts are powerful and determine what happens to us, we must control them. Why get disturbed over a future event that has not even occurred? What if it never happens?

Choosing our thoughts will help us dwell on the kind of thoughts that count.  Always evaluate your thoughts and consider what your next thought would be.

When you learn to consciously control your thoughts by replacing negative mindset with positive thoughts, you would find out that you have extra energy to work out every day.

Negativity is captivity. Run away from it. Watch your thoughts, they determine your actions, which determine your behaviour.

Your thoughts rule your world.
Picture: courtesy, www.thisdrenchedsky.org

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