Monday, August 24, 2009

Usain Bolt and All of Us

He speeds off like a bolt of lightning leaving his opponents several meters away.
Olusoji Fasuba the winner of the 2008 World Indoor (Athletic) Championship 60m said that Usain Bolt has made all other athletes in the sprints look so ordinary. His reason was that with a 100m time of 9.58sec which he just set as a world record; when other athletes run slightly below 10 seconds they seem so far away from what Bolt is doing.

To me, Usain Bolt is in a world of his own. Watching a CNN review of the last two extraordinary races he did, where he set new World records, a feeling suddenly surged inside of me, “There are more records to be broken. Do not see limitations. Rise up to the challenge. You could be a record breaker tomorrow. Keep doing that thing you enjoy and do best.”

Usain’s successes should be a motivation to all of us. Recent Historical events have shown that there are possibilities around us. What Barack Obama was able to achieve by winning the United States Presidential elections is one of them. So I dare say “Yes, you can”

I am going to sign out with a comment that Anene Chukwuemeka made after he read the article ‘Do you have the Victim Mentality.’ His comment is below;

“Once one triumphs over this victim mentality-which is inherent in every man- the sky is his stepping stone in everything he sets his mind to achieve. It means the person leaves behind yesterday's failures (whether caused by people or not) and looks ahead to leveling the mountain ahead of him. A motivational speaker once said that one has not truly failed until he starts blaming others for his misfortunes. This paronoid kind of behaviour drains man of all available -useful-energy and leaves him very vulnerable. Next, frustrations and further failures sets in. The raw man is a suspicious one. The knowledge of self (self development) avails one of the opportunity to know ones weaknesses and strengths. It also entails the consolidation of those strenghts and proper management of weaknesses. I must say that it is normal for one to get angry at what is happening around him especially when those things are impediments and obstacles on his way towards the full actualization of his goals but that anger is not supposed to weaken him. No,it is meant to strengthen him, spur him on even if it means taking a longer route towards the actualization of his goals(altered or modified).The bible has it that adversities toughen us. That is the way it should be. For me, I will not allow the difficulties and failures of today to stop me from pushing on towards the mark- which are my set goals in life- or stop me from enjoying my today. May God not allow that to happen. So ride on.”

Life is a game, play it!

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