Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Who loves to fail?

Who loves to fail? Nobody does except if there is a reason that will lead to a greater success.In the midst of lives successes inhabits failures. They come once in a while.
What matters most is how we handle it. Imagine a situation where you curse, blame, bear grudges, wish and most of all worry when things do not go your way after you put in so much work. It will only keep you more tensed up, sick and block any inflow of creative solutions into your mind.

A young man worked so hard to set up a business which was very desirable to him at the time. Unfortunately, at the crucial time, the venture failed in a perfectly inexplicable way. He was not disappointed; on the contrary he thanked God that his desire has been overruled, and went steadily on with a grateful mind. In a few weeks an opportunity so much better came his way that he would not have made the first deal on any count; and he saw that a Mind which knew more than he knew had prevented him from losing the greater good by entangling himself with the lesser.

Learn to view failures with gratitude, believing that something better is coming your way. No wonder Beverly Sills and Henry Ford said that "Failure is only an opportunity to begin more intelligently." Never cease to thank God as you believe that another door will open. Take out time and review the processes that led to the failure, ask intelligent questions where necessary and learn new lessons on how not to fail.

The mind is the major battle ground, do not let fear or depression as a result of failure to grip it. It is your power house. Keep being grateful to God and look out for even better opportunities, as you fly like an eagle above any torrents of failure or apprehension that abounds. Take your game to anotther level; fly like an eagle.

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