Sunday, October 18, 2009

Talking tough and doing nothing.

No matter how well we talk or verbally marshal our plans; we will not go any where if we do not take action. Big dreams are good and they are the reasons why the world witnessed major advancements. It is of a fact that such dreams require us to start from somewhere. The big breaks do not just come over night.There is always a period of sowing. Efforts, well planned attempts and even some degree of failure come before hand.

I could remember a man I was told about who talks so tough. He had read a lot of motivational books and he was always fired up. He had the fundamentals that any 'possibility thinking' mind should posses-dreaming big and believing that he could do the unthinkable. In addition, he never believed he should work for any body. He detested the monthly pay check. His dream and desire was to set up and own his own firm. He emphasized that ideas were what mattered. He never applied for any jobs.

The young man was right, however one thing was lacking. He had no capital. He had also been jobless for over three years. Imagine where this "tough talker" depends on friends who are salaried employees for hand outs. Yet, he does not believe he should be anybody's employee.

Now, who is fooling who? Is he fooling himself, is he being fooled by the books he read or is he fooling his benevolent friends? The point is clear. The young man needs to act on his dreams. He could start by taking up a job as a leverage, after which he can save some money and start his own business or seek for other legitimate means to raise money and man power.

We all differ in our abilities, guts, risk taking skills and innovatory abilities. Whether we dream to climb to the highest point in the corporate ladder or start our own firms; apart from dreaming big, we need to act rightly.

Actions speak louder than words. No matter the wonderful ideas we may have or how tough we talk, we need actions to step up our games.

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  1. I agree with you 100%.Action is the key to realised goals.