Monday, December 14, 2009

Expand Your World

There is an Igbo saying "Ahum juru m onwem," which literary means that I am satisfied with my circumstances. It is nice if we are content because being otherwise could lead to greed or some sort of anxiety. However, staying within our shelves could shut us out of the endless possibilities and opportunities that abound. Being exposed to new cultures, places and people broadens our horizon.

With the 9 to 5 kind of life that most of our job commitments shapes us into, we gradually become the same kind of person everyday. Life is not meant to be monotonous. Variety is the spice of life. Our minds open up when we explore new ways of doing things. You may eventually realize that the way you thought was the best is actually not it. It will enable you to further appreciate what you have when you find out there are people out there who yearn for it. You may come to know that there are cultures that abhor what you value and vice versa.

Take time this week to explore new friendships. Try to take another route to your work place and home. Enter that mall that you have always fancied but lack the time to check up. Spend a little more time with your kids and possibly learn more about them. Learn some new words. Read a new book. Visit a new city for your next vacation.

You can take a step further by visiting a charity home and showing some love to the down trodden.

Being on top of our games is not all about us. Our environments and the people we associated with influenced us. Let us bring about some influence by exploring new things.

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