Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Talk Yourself Up

How do you enjoy hanging out with a friend of yours who always complains? Some people spend all their time in self pity thinking about past disappointments and regretting the mistakes they made. Obviously, complainers are always boring. Complaining has such a power that could just condition one to always be on the level of regrets, pity parties, and have a mindset of a litany of woes.

Omalara, was so disturbed after failing a second time to pass the relevant subjects in the West African Examination Council''s Senior School Certificate Examinations. She had always wanted to proceed to a higher institution. Her failure depressed her and she could not even consider trying out the examinations again. She locked herself up in her room. She felt so lowly and downcast and lacked the courage to face her relatives and friends. To her, she was a failure.

Omolara's parents and friends came advising her. Some scolded her, some prayed for her. She was touched by their care (or hostility as the case may be). She knew that being engrossed in her self was not the way out.

She told me her situation only changed after her big cousin visited. Bode left her with an audio cassette of R. Kelly's tracks and told her to listen to World's Greatest over and over again. She found a new hope and started believing herself when she kept hearing the lyrics:

I am a mountain

I am a tall treeooooh,

I am a swift wind,

Sweepin' the countryI am a river,

Down in the valleyooooh,

I am a vision

And I can see clearly

If anybody asks you who I am

Just stand up tall

Look 'em in the face and say


I'm that star up in the sky

I'm that mountain peak up high

Hey I made it, mmmmmm

I'm the world's greatest

And I'm that little bit of hope

When my back's against the ropes

I can feel it, mmmmmm

I'm the world's greatest(the worlds greatest, worlds greatest , for ever )

I am a giantI am an eagleooh,

I am a lion

Down in the jungle

I am a marchin' band

I am the peopleooh,

I am a helping hand

I am a hero

If anybody asks you who I am

Just stand up tall

Look 'em in the face and say


In the ring of life i'll rain love (i will rain)

and the world will notice a king (oooohhhhh yahhhhh)

when there is darkness i'll shine a light (shine a light)

and views of success reflect in me

As she kept hearing these words, she kept telling herself that she was a star, a hero and capable of reaching her dreams. Like an eagle she flew above the clouds of self doubt, self pity and discouragement. With this new mindset; she gave her very best and succeeded tremendously in her next examinations.

Omolara learned to talk herself up and it led her to success. When we encourage ourselves instead of complaining we take ourselves to a higher level. Just as complainers are boring, so are enthusiastic and optimistic people exciting and fun to be with. Talking yourself up will also inspires others. It is refreshing to the body. It gives you a good sales value!

Consider these words: You need to encourage yourself. You need to pump yourself up. You need to be your own cheerleader. Why? Because you can’t wait and hope that someone else will come along and cheer you up… make you feel better… tell you that you’ll do better next time. You have to rely on yourself. You have to have faith in yourself and... your ability to figure out what works and what doesn’t. You have to have the inner belief that everything you’re doing, you’re doing for a positive outcome in the future. You have to encourage yourself with future successes.-JIM ROHN

Believe it; Say it- confess it; Do it! Like a cycle, it will change your life for good and serve as a compass that will take you and keep you at the top of your game.

It's 2010 and we surely need a wining attitude-talk yourself up!

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