Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Say It! Do it!

Certain times, our desires and dreams get hold of us so much that we find ourselves voicing it. It may have been dormant but we find ourselves saying it out to the hearing of others when we are emotion laden. Sometimes we do so when we are pushed to the wall by others or overwhelmed by circumstances.

A popular story has it that William Clinton was privilleged to shake hands with President J.F.Kennedy as high school senior durring a visit to the White House durring a special youth leadership conference. Young Bill could not hide his excitement, he said "Mr.President, one day I hope to be like you."

Years later, Bill Clinton was elected the President of the United States of America. He said it and by all means he was pushed to do it.

Saying your desires and deepest dreams is very different from bragging. Bragging is talking too proudly about something you own or have done. It is saying what you cannot do or have not done.Though when we stop only at saying it without any action then it turns to a wish.Interestingly, those who keep saying it with passion end up doing it.

Stating our targets and goals releases a power that will move us and push us to pursue it. No wonder many corporations write and often emphasize their mission statements!

I was privilleged to make one of the best results in my junior high school.After we had seen our results, my good friend looked at me for several minutes and what he said struck me, "You said it and you did it!" I asked him to explain what he meant. He reminded me of what happened about a year earlier when we went to the school's notice board to check the results of our predecessors.Someone close had a bad result-several failures and a few passes. My friend teased me about it and I knew my Dad who was a tutor in the same school was embarassed. And I did not even know what made me say it and mean it with all my heart, "I would wipe away this result and embarrasment." He was right, I had done what I said.

You may not go into details- for someone may steal your dreams! If you do not voice your dream and yet your will power is enough to propel you into action, then that's fine.

Know yourself. Do not be afraid to dream with our eyes open. Timidity should not be your undoing. If it is your style-that your passions push you to say it; then, say it but achieve it!

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  1. Powerful stuff! I keep on doing the exact same thing. Keep voicing my ambitions. :-)

  2. This is motivational. The power in words. Always voice out what you want to achieve ; backing it up with actions. Nice One. Thanks for sharing and inspiring your audience. Keep up the good work.