Monday, February 21, 2011

You Need to Focus

Frequent interruptions, in the course of your work can greatly reduce your productivity.When our mind waivers often, it affects the result of what we are doing.

For big tasks, it is best we figure out our high energy time and face such tasks putting in, our full concentration.
Our high energy time is the period of the day that we work optimally.For a student, it is a period he understands most; what he is reading, with the least effort. If you are sharpest in the morning, consider your toughest coursework then.When you are tired, consider something lighter.

When we were students, we put in many hours into our studies and we figured out that there was a period of 'dimnishing returns' as one studies. It is that period that one (the brain) is tired and needs rest. At such period, you find it hard to comprehend what you are reading, even after several efforts. It can also be compared to forcing yourself to read when you are feeling sleepy. To avoid 'dimnishing returns,' it is better to take a nap or rest a little. By doing so, you are saving your time and energy.

Fixing a particular time for your routines, makes it habitual and it improves focus. Setting goals(and writing it out) before tasks improves our motivation and sense of urgency and it enables us to get things done faster. By so doing, we also curb procastination. It is also advisable to keep the materials we need for the task handy. Moving around to get them, affects concentration.

Finishing one task and moving over to the next, enables one to focus more, unlike moving in between tasks. But it is best for one to figure out what works best for him or her.

It is good to narrow down the things you have to do in order to have more time and energy to focus on the few things that matter most.

To focus best in you daily tasks, you need enough energy. Make sure you sleep enough, eat right and stay fit.

Focus! Stay focused. You surely deserve to be on top of your game.

Do you have a story about how focusing on a particular goal/task, made it easier for ypou to achieve it? Please share it with us. We have an e-book gift for contributors. We hope to hear from you!!

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