Thursday, July 16, 2009

Do not get discouraged

Having experienced the broadband internet connection which is not very popular in a developing country like Nigeria; attaching picture files could be like hell.

Imagine! I have sat down for over an hour trying to attach a 7.00MB file. It could be discouraging.

Several times I felt like screaming on the staff in the internet cafe or banging the tables but experience has shown me that such actions could even make matters worst. I had left my home dial-up connection hoping that the internet cafe will give me a fast broadband connectivity to the cyber world but it was not so.

It clearly shows how backward some countries are. It also shows that having the kind of mind set one may have developed in the Western world or even in the Asian countries where technological growth is at par with the west in this part of the world could lead to frustration.

This observation comes on the heels of the current global economic melt down which has made a lot of people from the third world to opt for returning to their home countries because of the series of job losses.

There is no need to get discouraged, it will only make matters worse. What you have to do is to adapt to the circumstances around you. There are always alternatives to help you save costs, communicate with your loved ones and get work done. Imagine a situation where you cannot always write directly using your PC notebook (laptop computer) because of unsteady electric power supply; you may just have to revert to the paper and pen . It applies to various spheres of life and these are just my own personal suggestions.

Situations that could make you worried or lose your peace require creative thinking. Do not allow worry to crop into your mind. It could block creative ideas from flowing in. Also, find out facts from those "who have been there before you." Making researches also helps a great deal.

Oh well! the files finally attached to the email.Good radiance....

Life is game and we ought to play it. The best players win and get on top of their games.

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